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― Once the Lantis Festival's third day ended, ANN had got to take a moment with Yousei Teikoku, a group which has a complicated story behind their band, full of military ranks and ancient history. It's one reason why there are so many color variants of the figures going swimming: there really isn't really an "official" color. Should the characters scream, they're full of anguish, and whenever they're gathering steam to deal with, you possibly can feel it. The group has performed theme songs with the Qwaser of Stigmata, Future Diary. The series is filled roles that have to have a great deal of extreme emotions, and the actors perform a remarkable job. feature 485 comments The autumn 2014 Anime Preview Guide Oct 10, 13:11 485 comments anime The autumn 2014 Anime Preview Guide has started. There are actually not any gimmicks from the World's box besides the usual group of hands and alternate face.

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