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Janet Munro Tribute Website

A real labour of love - beautifully put together and well worth a visit.
Janet Munro was married to Ian Hendry, star of The Lotus Eaters, and although they were heading for a divorce, her tragic death in 1972 while they were filming the series hit Ian Hendry hard. Webmaster Liam Byrne has been a good friend to this site.

IMDB Entry

for The Lotus Eaters
Many people seem to find the IMDB useful - personally I have never understood why - it is very superficial and frequently inaccurate. That said, the review of The Lotus Eaters here was written by a friend of the MJB website, Darren Giddings, and is worth reading.

The Real Lotus Eaters

The story of Dennis and Fiona Watt could easily have been the inspiration for Michael Bird's work - and vice versa!

Cretan Vista

An excellent resource for anyone thinking of moving to Crete. (Dennis and Fiona would have found it invaluable!)


Wilfred Greatorex

another leading British scriptwriter died in October 2002. His obituary from the Guardian looks back over his career.

Jeremy Paul

was a contemporary of Bird's who also wrote for The Informer and Out of the Unknown

Alexandra Bastedo

starred in Michael Bird's series The Aphrodite Inheritance - created for the BBC in 1979.

The Alexandra Bastedo website is at

Peter Egan

starred in Michael Bird's series The Dark Side of the Sun - created for the BBC in 1979.

Peter has his own website at

Gerard Glaister

a leading BBC producer with whom Michael Bird worked on a number of shows. A good retrospective.
Carol Royle

starred in Michael Bird's series The Outsider - created for Yorkshire Television in the 1980s.

Carol has her own website at



" ... is devoted to a selection of what used to be or still are rare or less well known items from various areas: film, television, music and literature." Webmaster Werner Schmitz says: "It is my intention to arouse your curiosity and interest by presenting a wealth of information in content, style and relevance of these items."
Television Heaven

Laurence Marcus's excellent resource for anyone interested in old TV. I have contributed a few pages (The Lotus Eaters, Who Pays the Ferryman? and Ronald Fraser's series The Misfit) and hope to do a few more when time permits. You could spend hours there. Literally.

StarTrader home of Action TV

another great resource for anyone interested in "old TV" (the shows they don't make them like anymore!)


"Kaleidoscope is a voluntary, non profit-making group devoted to the appreciation and research of vintage television in all its forms." (They also organise some great TV retro conventions.)

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